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It's Friday! Time for this week's Fun Feature! Check out our blog post on how to color code your channels for easy identification.
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The complete platform for multi-channel eCommerce growth

Sellware is the fastest and most-comprehensive operations platform for brands and online retailers. Our world-class solutions provide out-of-the-box, direct integrations to the leading marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, shopping carts, and ERP packages.
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Trusted by top-tier companies around the globe

  • Connect Oracle NetSuite to Amazon with Sellware
    Brightpearl connector Sellware

Multi-channel selling made easy

Centralize your product and listing data

Quickly create high-quality listings and sell on more channels with increased efficiency. Titles, descriptions, price, metadata, and search tags can be easily adjusted for each unique marketplace.  Listing updates can be performed on-demand, or in bulk, using sophisticated templates and filters to leverage common category attributes and minimize repetitive manual data entry.

Publish beautiful listings that attract buyers

Whether you are listing simple products, variation products, multi-product kits, or bundles, Sellware provides the tools you need to quickly and easily publish beautifully customized listings across all your channels.

Regain control of your listings, inventory and pricing

Take advantage of 360-degree visibility into all your listings, orders, suppliers, inventory, and channels. Designed for the mid-market, our multi-channel marketplace and eCommerce connectors help you streamline operations, increase revenues, and reduce complexity. Quickly sell on more channels, with increased efficiencies and higher-quality listings.


~ Jessica

Sellware has been a great third party tool for us to use to connect NetSuite to Amazon/eBay. Unlike other connectors, it didn't require a random company going into our NetSuite account and making a bunch of changes and changing the look of the interface....

~ Jonathan C.

Sellware was the perfect partner for our Shopify store, immediately extending our reach in to new sales channels! Sales are up and headaches are down

~ Ben M

Sellware has been fantastic to work with! It’s nearly doubled my sales on eBay and allowed us to expand our sales to other marketplaces that we never would have tackled, otherwise.

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