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Are CSV and FTP Channels driving you crazy!

May 25, 2016

Sellware recently completed a project with a client managing several hundred thousand SKU's, sourced from a variety of Drop Shippers and Vendors, and migrating from ChannelAdvisor.
Working with our professional services team, our client was able to consolidate all of these CSV and datafeeds into a single solution on Sellware, allowing them automatically list items on Amazon and eBay, manage inventory levels, and consolidate order processing to a single platform.
We also provided them with the ability to leverage a variety of complex features, like multi-variant listings on the Marketplaces, kitting, MAP pricing, and "Best Offer" buying options, while also streamlining all of the required marketplace data and settings into a single solution.
If you are looking for any of these options to make selling online easier or more automated, give us a call or fill out our Contact Form.

Channel Advisor CSV Replacment

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