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Leverage NetSuite Kits and Matrix Items

May 16, 2017

NetSuite has a several powerful features for eCommerce vendors, including the ability to sell Kits, Bundles, and Matrix Items. Our team has worked with a number of larger retailers this Spring, to implement these features in the Home & Garden categories, allowing them to quickly list and sell Patio Furniture Sets, Bedroom Sets, Bathroom Configurations and Outdoor Products across multiple SKUs and configurations.

By tying these items back to NetSuite via Sellware, our partners have been able to dramatically increase sales on the marketplaces, and greatly simplify inventory and order management.
But a quick word of caution, if you are considering selling on different marketplaces under a Kit, Matrix, or Bundles, we highly recommend you reach out to our team,  or to your NetSuite integrator, to make sure you set them up optimally the first time!

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