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Connect Oracle NetSuite to Amazon with Sellware

Connect NetSuite to Amazon, Walmart, eBay and all the leading marketplaces.
Manage multi channel orders from your NetSuite ERP System.

Multi Channel marketplace selling with NetSuite

NetSuite provides a powerful cloud solution for ERP, CRM, and eCommerce.  Sellware can connect NetSuite to all of the leading marketplaces, to quickly list products from NetSuite ERP to eBay, Amazon (Marketplace Appstore), Walmart and other channels.

Regardless of whether you’re using the NetSuite eCommerce storefront, or any other shopping cart solution, Sellware can help you quickly connect NetSuite to all of your marketplaces, synchronize your inventory and route all orders back to your ERP system.

For many of our clients, this “single platform” approach saves them hundreds of hours per year, eliminating the need to use different systems, cryptic CSV files, and a host of error-prone manual processes.

Supported NetSuite Features:

  • Post/List NetSuite products directly to eBay, Walmart and Amazon using customizable templates
  • Map NetSuite custitem fields directly to your marketplace attributes via standardized naming conventions
  • Push real-time inventory updates from NetSuite to Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify and more
  • Pull orders from Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other channels back into NetSuite for processing
  • Update marketplaces with real-time shipping/tracking information from NetSuite
  • Automatically translate NetSuite Matrix products to Walmart, eBay and Amazon variation products
  • Easy customization based on NetSuite custom fields and business rules
  • Create unique kits and bundles to improve marketplace sales conversion rates
  • Rapid implementation with prebuilt integrations, connectors, and a Quickstart Implementation framework
Connect Oracle NetSuite to Amazon with Sellware

NetSuite Connector

“Sellware has been a trusted partner of ours for several years.  Integration is quick and easy and doesn’t require any special scripting in your NetSuite platform.

Once it’s setup, Sellware does the job and you don’t have to think about your listings.”

NetSuite ERP delivers a proven platform to help take companies beyond traditional inventory and warehouse management software.

By combining NetSuite with Sellware, organizations are able to quickly begin selling in a multi-channel environment, accurately manage inventory, and generate more sales.

Netsuite Integration Connector

Core Features Include...

Centralize Orders

Manage orders from all your channels and marketplaces in a single platform of your choice.

Robust Amazon Listing Process

Generate new ASINs, link to existing listings, or search Amazon via a variety of attributes and lookups.

Bundles & Kits

Differentiate your offerings and expand your reach with custom kits, bundles and multi-packs.

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