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A Walkthrough Of Listing An Item on Amazon


We are going to go through the entire process to list products on Amazon.  We will use the filters to help us identify a certain group of products, select and list products on Amazon.


Searching for Products


Click here to review searching and filtering.

We start by going to the Products page in your Sellware account. We are then going to search for all "Puma" products.  I enter "Puma" into the Title field and hit Enter to display the results.


We want to focus on products that have more than 1 in stock.  We add a "greater than" filter to Stock Qty to only display products with Qty greater than 1.


Listing Products


Click here to review how to list products on Amazon.

Click the checkbox next to the product(s) that we would like to list.


Once we have selected the product(s) we want to list we click on the Perform on Selected button, and then click on the Create Listing option.  The Create Listing popup is then displayed.


We then select the appropriate Amazon template for these listings; set the listing to list "Now", and set the Relist Profile to "Do not relist automatically" so that when the listings end they are not automatically relisted.

When everything looks good, we click the Confirm button to launch our listings.



Completing and Verifying Listings


Once we click Confirm the action is confirmed in a green bar message.  You can click the X in the upper right to dismiss the message.


Depending on the time of day, number of listings, etc, it may take several minutes to complete the listings and for them to show up on Amazon.  When the listings are complete you will be notified with a Green message in upper right of the screen.  If there are errors they are displayed in a Red message.


The most recent batch of listings is displayed at the top.  We can see the results of the listing attempts in the Detail box and see how many of the products were listed successfully or had errors.  We can click the CSV or HTML links to view further details on which products were successful or not, and specific errors that may have occurred.


Finding Listings


To find out listings we start by clicking on the Listings link in the menu to go to the Listings section.

The listings sections defaults to show you the listings that are ending the soonest.  To view the listings that we just posted, click the Start Time header.


Our newest listing is now displayed at the top of the list.  You can click on the Listing ID to open the listing on Amazon.

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