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Adding Shopify as a Linked Channel


For companies leveraging an ERP platform as their Primary Channel (PC), and adding Shopify as a linked Channel, Sellware can be configure to help you "push" your items/data from your Primary Channel.  However, keep in mind that Shopify has very limited set of "standard" item fields, so in most cases we will only be able to push the following items:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Images
  • Price
  • Product Type / Tags


This is also dependent upon how your items are set up in your PC, and if you are using a traditional structure (Variants / Matrix / Custom fields, etc).  In general, you will want to contact a Sellware Specialist to discuss the project, and how our team might streamline the process for you.  These types of projects can get complex due to the wide variety and number of integration points across the channels.


To test and review how your items might appear in Shopify, start with a small number of items (DON'T push your entire catalog until you have tested and reviewed a few different item types.  It is much more difficult to remove/adjust products in Shopify once they have been added.)


Start with a few items, in the selection box


Select the "Create Listing Option" and Select the Shopify Channel


The selected products will now appear in your Shopify Store and can be reviewed


The associated description, variation, and images are carried over to Shopify.  With the basic connection, this is a 1 time push, meaning that you will need to re-list the items, should anything beyond price/qty change.  Any changes made to the item within Shopify would also be over-written in the basic configuration.  Contact a Sellware specialist if you have more advanced requirements, as we do have a few solutions for more advanced data mapping scenarios.


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