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Approving Orders... Why and How?


When a customer purchases something through one of the marketplace channels the sale is placed in the Orders module as a Draft Order.  The orders can then be processed depending on your Order Settings.


Order Settings

You can get to the Order Settings page by going to Settings->Order 

In the Automation section you can enable the automatic processing of orders.  Orders that have complete information, and full payment are sent to your primary channel for processing and fulfillment.


If Order Automation is not enabled, then your Draft Orders screen will look like this:

 - Indicates that the order is not Paid-In-Full
 - Indicates that the order is Paid-In-Full


Editing & Approving An Order

To edit an order, simply click the Edit link to the left of the order you wish to edit and the Order Edit screen will come up:


In the Order Edit screen you can review the information and Approve the order by clicking the Save and Approve button.

If you need to make corrections you may also do so in the Order Edit screen and click the Save for Later to save the changes without approving the order.


Combining An Order

If a customer purchases multiple items you may wish to combine them into a single order.  To do so, put a check in the box to the left of each order that should be combined, then click the Perform on Selected button, and select Combine.


This will add the products to a single order, and combine the shipping costs.  You may need to then edit the order to apply any combined shipping discounts manually, and the order may only show a partial payment.  Once the order has been edited to show the revised shipping and it matches the amount paid, the order will show as Paid-In-Full.

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