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Connect NetSuite to Amazon for Automatic Order Import

Connect NetSuite to Amazon for Automatic Order Import

When you are ready to begin the Automatic Import of Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other marketplace orders into NetSuite, the following guide will help you get started.

Until Automatic Approval is turned on in your Channel Settings, your NetSuite marketplace orders will remain in draft mode, but can be Approved manually within Sellware and sent to NetSuite.

NetSuite Order Integration


Prior to turning on Automatic Order Approval, you may want to Archive any orders in Sellware that also exist in NetSuite, to avoid order Duplication.  By Selecting all the orders via the checkbox, you can bulk Archive the orders in one batch.


NetSuite Order Archinve


At this point, you can use the Channel Settings to turn on your NetSuite Automatic Approval.


NetSuite Integration Order Approval


Make sure to click through all the tabs on your NetSuite Channel, and give the system approximately 15-20 minutes to reconnect your products and skus, and begin the order import.  You should begin to see Approved orders in Sellware, with your NetSuite Order ID displayed.  Any orders with red warning messages, or "pending upload" may require further investigation.

Contact your onboarding specialist, or open a case at, if you see any import issues that may be related to the mapping of shipping methods, un linked SKUs, or if you have any other questions.

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