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Custom Fields

What is the Custom Fields Tab?   

The Custom Fields tab is used to create custom fields that can hold information for any purpose.  These can then be used as Macros in any template or on any of the Marketplace Channel tabs within your products, such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, or Google.  They can also be used for internal reference number, warehouse locations, or any number of things.  With some customization we can import the information from your Primary Channel, or export information back to your Primary Channel along with the sale.


Where does the information come from?

Unfortunately there is no Easy Button that will magically populate everything for you, so it will require a little bit of work.  The most simple way to populate the data is to do it manually.  You can click the Edit icon on any product, select the Custom Fields tab, and manually enter the data.  However, the most efficient way to populate the data is to export your catalog to a CSV file, add all of the information to the CSV file, and then reimport the CSV file to update all of the products.

By adding a "custom:<field name>" column to your CSV field you can import the data into your products.

Please refer to our article on Updating Products via CSV for more information.


Do I have to enter Custom Fields?

No, Custom Fields are not a required field and do not need to be entered.


How can I use the Custom Fields?

You can use the Custom Fields as Macros in any of the Templates, or Marketplace Channel tabs.  Please review our Macros article on how to use a macro to add a custom field to a Template or Marketplace Channel tab.  With some customization Sellware can also use the custom fields during import and export for storing useful data.



The controls are for the Edit screen in general, not just the Custom Fields.

  The Cancel button will cancel any changes made to the product and return you to the Product Catalog list screen.

  The Duplicate button will create a duplicate of the product and open the Edit screen for the duplicated product.

  The Save button will save all changes to the product and returns you to the Product Catalog list screen.

  Using the Save and Publish Product saves the product and then attempts to publish the product to all Marketplace Channel tabs with a template selected.


Custom Fields

Unlike the eBay Fields, Amazon Fields or Google Fields tabs which are used for specific Marketplaces the Custom Fields tab is for data that can be used anywhere.

The basics for it are pretty simple.  Each custom field consists of two text boxes.  The one on the left is for the custom field name, and the one on the right is for the data value.

Custom fields for eBay Amazon Walmart marketplace listings

You can access the data using the following format {@<custom field name>@}.

For Example, using the following Macros will yield the following results:

{@custom:Size@} will give you "0"
{@custom:Country of Origin@} will give you "UK"
{@custom:warehouse_location@} will give you "California"

Please Note - depending on your Sellware account setup and mappings, you may be able to drop the "custom" tag, and simply use {@Size@} , {@Country of Origin@}, {@warehouse_location@}, etc.

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