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Editing An Order


In the Order Edit screen you can review all details of an order, including Payment and Shipping information.  You can also change the Order Status, add a Shipment, and add notes to the order.  You can also Archive the Order, or even Cancel the order completely.

To edit an order, simply click the Edit link to the left of the order you wish to edit and the Order Edit screen will come up:

NOTE: The buttons will be slightly different if you are editing an Approved order vs a Draft order.


In the Order Edit screen you can review the information and Approve the order by clicking the Save and Approve button.

If you need to make corrections you may also do so in the Order Edit screen and click the Save for Later to save the changes without approving the order.

If you need to cancel the order entirely, click the Cancel Order button.  Committed inventory will released and made available to sell again.

If you wish to Archive the order you can do so by clicking the Archive Order button.

NOTE: Archiving an Order will release committed inventory unless the order has been marked as shipped.  Be careful archiving orders that are not marked as shipped.


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