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Bulk listing removal tools to avoid Amazon high volume listing fees

Avoiding high volume listing fees in Amazon, and removing underperforming listings in eBay, via Sellware's bulk listing removal tool.

Amazon's recent change to the High-Volume listing policy can have a significant impact on retailers with larger multi channel catalogs.

As summarized in the Amazon email update...

Starting August 1, 2016, we will identify non-media ASINs where: (i) you have an active offer, (ii) the ASIN was created more than 12 months ago, and (iii) the ASIN has not had a sale from any seller in the past 12 months. Your first 100,000 ASINs that meet these criteria will not be charged the High-Volume Listing Fee. For each additional ASIN (above the first 100,000) that meets these criteria, you will be charged a monthly High-Volume Listing Fee of $0.005 per ASIN. The High-Volume Listing Fee will be charged monthly and will be applied to your highest number of applicable ASINs above 100,000 at any time during that month.

If you are impacted with this new policy, or have a large catalog of multi channel listings, Sellware has a number of reports and tools that can assist.  For Amazon and eBay, we can provide an analysis of your catalog, with a Quality Score based on the number of days the listing has been active, total # of orders, start date, listing ID, and SKU.

Amz High Volume ReportUsing this report, you can identify the listings that you would like to remove, and trim the CSV file to only two columns for a bulk upload/delete within Sellware.

Note - The column names for the Bulk CSV removal file need to be called Channel Code and Listing ID, and ideally should be no more than 5,000 records.

The following steps will help you to quickly remove any unwanted listings, though care should be taken to make sure that you aren't removing too many listings that may trigger adverse issues within eBay or Amazons search or ranking algorithms.

Step 1 - Create CSV File for Bulk Edit Removal, paying attention to the column name conventions

High-volume Amazon listing bulk removal

Step 2 - In the Listings Screen, select Import File to Cancel Listings

ebay underperforming listings

Step 3 - Select File to Upload and Process

Bulk Remove High-volume Amazon listing

Make sure to use an abundance of caution when using this advance feature, as it CAN NOT be undone, and will permanently delete the listings provided via the CSV file.

This tool is also useful for removing Underperforming Listings in eBay, and avoiding listing fees for items that are not converting in eBay's marketplace.

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