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How To Change Inventory Control Settings


Inventory Control is set on a per Channel basis in the Channel Settings of your account, as well as on your individual products.  The two settings work together to provide you the most flexible control over your inventory settings.

Changing the Inventory Control settings for a particular Channel allows you to exclude that channel so any inventory changes will not affect your listings for that channel.
NOTE: Sales through the channel will still affect your inventory count, which may affect other listings depending on your settings.

Changing the Inventory Control settings for a product allows you to exclude that particular product from inventory changes from any channel, regardless of the Channel Settings.
NOTE: Inventory must be managed manually, and listings will not be removed automatically once your inventory reaches 0.


Review or Update Inventory Control Settings on Channels


To review your settings, or to enable Inventory Control first go to you Channel Settings by clicking the link, or by going to Account in the upper right of your screen, and then clicking the Channel Settings option.



Once you open up the Channel Settings you will see a list of your Channels.  Click the Settings button to open up the settings for that particular channel.






Click on  in the General Settings screen to proceed to the Inventory Settings screen.


You can turn Inventoy Control ON or OFF by clicking the Stock Control slider.

If Inventory Control is DISABLED for a Channel, then it will not control inventory for that channel.  This allows you pick and choose which channels that you wish to allow Sellware to control inventory for.

Once you have completed your changes, click  to save your changes and proceed.

Click on  on the Pricing Settings to Save and exit the settings for that channel.



Review or Update Inventory Control Settings on Products

Find the product that you wish to add variants to, and click the  icon next to the product to enter the Edit view.  Near the bottom of the  tab you will see the following Inventory Control options:

By default Inventy Control is enabled at the product level.  If you Disable Inventory Control for a product, you will exclude that product from Inventory Control from all channels, regardless of the channel setting.

One you have completed your changes, click the  button at the top of the page.

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