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How To Create an eBay Listing with Variants


Variants allow you to list a single product with multiple variations.  This could be clothing or shoes with size and color variations, glasses with frame variations, or any number of other type of products.  Instead of creating a listing for each and every possible option, you create a single listing that the buyer selects the options from.


Adding Variants to the product.

Find the product that you wish to add variants to, and click the  icon next to the product to enter the Edit view.  Select the  tab for the product.

Depending how your products were imported into Sellware, we may have already populated some of the Variant information.  You can confirm and/or add additional information to your products from this screen.

The left column contains the Variation type, and the right column contains the different variations.

To add a new variation type (ie Size, Color, Material, Fitting, etc) type simply click in the field that says 'Add another...' and enter a name for your Variation type.

To add add variations (ie Small, Medium, Red, Blue, etc) click in the right column, type the variation, and hit 'Tab' on your keyboard.  It will add the variation to the field as seen below, and it will also add cooresponding variant combinations at the bottom of the Variations section.


As you enter information into the variation type, and variation fields above, the possible combinations appear below.  You will enter the inventory for each variation, as well as SKU and UPC if desired.  If the price for each variation is the same as the parent product you can leave it blank, otherwise enter the pricing for the variations.

When you are done adding your variations, click the  button to Save your product.


From the Products page you can click the icon next to the product to expand it and view the variants.



Preparing the Variants for eBay.

Find the product that you wish to add variants to, and click the  icon next to the product to enter the Edit view.  Select the  tab for the product.  Scroll down to the Category & Item Specifics section to review the product variation options for eBay.

Depending on the eBay Category, Sellware will attempt to automatically match your Varients to the eBay options for the category.  It will automatically select the variant macro (ie {@VARIATION:Inseam@} for the attribute field.  If it does not, you will need to type it into the dropdown.

If there is an attribute that is required by eBay and you do not have, or do not wish to supply, you can select the 'N/A' or 'Not Specified' option


 Creating the eBay Listing

Every category and product will be slightly different so we are unable to give specific information at this point.  You will need to create a template to use to list your product.  If you populate all of the information in the eBay Fields tab  then you can create a template with the bare minimum of information and it will pull all of the information including the variations into the template for listing.

For this example the template only had information in the Listing Basics, and Shipping Details.  All other information was in the eBay Fields tab and auto populated.

You may need to experiment a few times, review the errors, and fine-tune the template as needed.

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