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How To Find The eBay Category For A Product


Sellware uses the eBay Category # to identify where the products should be listed on eBay.  They are used in the eBay Tab of the Products, as well as the eBay Listing Templates.

If you know the eBay Category # you can enter it directly, otherwise you can use our Category Finder tool to help you determine what category to use.

To use the Category Finder Tool, click the Find link in the eBay Template, or the Spyglass icon on the eBay tab of any product.



This will open the Category Finder Tool.  Select the eBay Site you wish to list to.



Enter a keyword into the Category Description field and a large list will be displayed.  You can use the slider on the side to scroll down to view the entire list.


Once you select a category from the list, the Cat # will be entered into the field.  Simply press the Apply Category button and it will be entered into the eBay Category field for you.


There are occassions where you can't find a keyword that will provide a manageable list, and the list is too long and won't display all of the categories.  In those cases you may need to use another tool to locate the eBay Category # for your product.  One such tool that we recommend is Easy eBay Category Numbers from

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