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How To Search / Filter


Most of the areas in Sellware have filters across the top of the columns, including ProductsListings and Sales.  You can use these fields to search for specific things, or to filter and refine the results.

The text fields such as Title, SKU, Seller, Template, Name, etc default to "contains" so you can enter things into those fields to search for specific things.  As you can see in the screenshot below, if you click on the filter icon to the right of the field you can select other filter operations such as "starts with" to produce better results.


Numeric fields such as Stock Qty, Price, Weight, etc default to "is equal to" so it will only return exact results.  In the example below I entered 1 into Stock Qty to return results of my products that I only have 1 of.  This is handy to clear out stock, sell off your unique products, etc.  As with the text filters, you can click on the filter icon to select other filter options.  Maybe you want to have a sale on all products under $10.  You can select "is less than" and enter 10 in the Price column to quickly pull up all your products under $10 to quickly list.



Multiple Filters

You can combine the filters as well.  In the example below I entered "Puma" in the Title field and hit Enter.  I then entered "1" into the Stock Qty, clicked the Filter icon and selected "is greater than".

The displayed results are all products that contain the word "puma" with more than 1 in stock.


You can also add multiple filters on the same column.  After adding the "is greater than" on the Stock Qty, I added a "is less than" 10 filter to Stock Qty.

In the example below you can see both filters, and the results show all products with Qty between 2-9.

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