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Linking Your Netsuite Account with Sellware

Sellware has implemented NetSuite's new token based authentication methods.

The new KB article can be found here.

1. Enable Web Services support within NetSuite

  1. Log into your NetSuite account using an adminstrator login.
  2. Navigate to: Setup > Company > Enable Features
  3. Click on the SuiteCloud Tab
  4. Select Web Services from the (SuiteTalk Web Services) section
  5. Accept the SuiteCloud Terms of Services

2. Determine your NetSuite Account ID

  1. Navigate to Setup > Integration > Web Services
  2. Copy the Account ID and paste it into the Account ID field in the NetSuite channel connection settings within Sellware.

3.  Create a NetSuite Application ID for Sellware

  1. Navigate to: Setup > Integration > Manage Integrations > New
  2. Enter a Name for the application that will be integrating with NetSuite (for example, "Sellware").
  3. Under Authentication, make sure that only the box for User Credentials is checked.  Ensure Token-Based Authentication is not checked.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Copy the generated Application ID and paste it into the Application ID field in the NetSuite channel connection settings within Sellware.

4.  Test your NetSuite Web Services Connection

  1. Fill in remaining details within the Sellware channel configuration screen for NetSuite
  2. Click the Verify Connection button
  3. If you receive an error message, take note of the error and try again, or reach out to Sellware support for assistance.


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