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Managing Your Listings


We often get the question "How can I better manage my listings?" or "Can I remove listings that are less than $X in Price as I often lose money on these sales?"


Yes, there are a number of different ways in which you can do this.  For Listings in which you have applied a Sellware Template, or listings that have been linked to your Sellware platform via your secondary channels, you can select the items to cancel via the listing Grid.  However, keep in mind that in this example we are CANCELING a listing, so if you need to reactivate the listing, you will either need to do so via the Marketplace, or by Creating a listing in the Sellware Template.


This is very different than a listing that has been suspended (due to a stock out), changing the details of a listing description, or placing a listing on vacation status.  Fees may apply with your marketplace when you re-list, so be sure you understand the implications.


To cancel a listing, use the Sellware filters to select the listings that you would like to cancel.

In this case, we are cancelling Listings in Amazon below $15.  These items have NOT been linked to a template in Sellware, since the Template Column is blank...





The Cancellation is placed in the Queue.

Note this action is IMMEDIATE, so be careful before selecting the Cancel option.


The results of the actions can be viewed by clicking on the Processing / Completed Listings Button on the right hand grid.

You can download the CSV to view the details if needed.


Your listings have now been cancelled.

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