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Mandatory Fields for eBay

For certain eBay Categories, you may be required to provide additional information within you Sellware Templates.
For example - if you are listing to Women's Shoes, you are required to provide a Value for "US Shoe Size (Women's)" and this would need to be added to your eBay Listing Template.
If you are new to eBay, or are having errors in the listing process, you can reference the following tool to help determine the required values for your ebay Categories.
Depending on your eCommerce Platform, you may need to add these values in a "Custom field"  or Product Tag
Inline image 6
so that it can be referenced as a macro in Sellware's templates.
Inline image 2
Inline image 3
Inline image 4
These values will then be used to successfully load the eBay listing.
Inline image 7

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