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Quickly List an Item on eBay


For retailers selling a variety of one-off, unique, or excess inventory items on eBay, Sellware can provide a process to quickly replicate an existing item and list to eBay with minimal data entry required.


In this example, we are going to copy an existing item/listing for a pair of Dansko Shoes, edit the size, and list on eBay.


Step 1 - Find a similar item, in this case searching by "Dansko" and duplicating the item.

Step 2 - You will need to enter a new SKU ID, and change any information pertaining to the size, color, or other different attributes.

If you are ONLY using the eBay Listing tab (and not pushing to other channels, you can make all of the required adjustments there.

Note the update to the title to highlight size 55 / 13, and have selected the "Free Shipping" template to list .  Your listing templates may have different information in them regarding the shipping / payment / return policies. The attributes have been copied over from the previous listing so you will need to update them as well so they appear correctly in the eBay listing.




At this point, you can now "Save and Publish" the product.  Sellware's hierarchy of precedence in the event of duplicate data (i.e. A user has an eBay Tab Title, and Product Tab Title, and a Template Title (using a macro and custom field is as follows)

1 ) Use value found in Listing Template

2)  Use value found in Products->eBay Tab

3)  Use value found in Products -> General Tab


Sellware will batch and push all new listings processed with the "Save and Publish" option on a 15 minute cycle.


The item has now been listed, with the new and copied attributes. MAKE SURE TO MODIFY ANY HTML attributes or values that are hard coded in the body of the description to avoid any confusion to the potential buyers.


To Delete a listing, simply select it in the listing Tab, select, and process to "Cancel Listing"




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