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Running Fixed Price and Auction Listings Together


We are asked quite often if it is possible to create Fixed Price listings for products, and also have and Auction listing for the same product.

The answer is YES!

We have found that the easiest way to accomplish this is to create two templates, one for Fixed Price, and the other for Auction.  There are some subtle differences and nuances with Auctions so it may take you a few tries to get it right.  I won't go into template creation, but if you need some assistance you can review our article on eBay Templates.


Once you have created your templates, go to your Catalog, select the product(s) that you wish to list, click Perform on Selected, and then click Create Listing.

This will open the listing screen.  Select the appropriate template from the dropdown, enter any other specifics that you wish, and click the  button.

Notice that the checkboxes are not cleared when you click Confirm.

Immediately repeat the process and select your other template.                          


When you are complete you will see that your product listed as both a Fixed Price, and Auction type in your Listings screen.


A few things to keep in mind regarding inventory and running both types of listings if Inventory Control is enabled

If you list a product with a quantity of 1 as both a Fixed Price and Auction type, when one sells Sellware will automatically cancel the remaining listing since the effective quantity would then be 0.
If you list a product with a quantity greater than 1 as both types, when then Auction sells it will decrease the quantity of the Fixed Price listing by 1.

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