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Using the Listings Module


The Listing Module Allows you to quickly view all of the listings found on your Secondary Channels.  These will typically be eBay, Amazon, or Etsy (Beta), Pinterest (Beta) other eCommerce Channels.


To Filter by particular marketplace or Channel, use the Seller Filter.  Note that you can have multiple ID's set up for each channel (like different eBay account, or Amazon international channels )


This screen highlights all of the listings that are linked back to your primary channels.  Any issues with items not matching at a SKU level, or listing that have not been linked back to your Primary channel can be quickly viewed here.  Note, you can have listings that are managed via different tools (or within the marketplaces directly), but still utilize Sellware to handle the order processing from a single system of record.


In the screen above, these listings were"unlinked" because the SKU between the Amazon listing and the Primary Channel were different.
These can be quickly resolved within Sellware as highlighted below.

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