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Using the Products (Catalog --> Products) Page


The Products Page is populated from your Primary Channel, and contains summary information on your Inventory Quantities, Product Descriptions , Listings on your Secondary Channels, images, and more.


To view the primary images associated with your products, select the Images checkbox for All images, or you can view on a case by case basis.


You can filter using the Attributes across the top of the grid (In this case we are filtering only products with the word "Lego"), and can also sort in Ascending-Descending order for each attribute as needed.


For frequent searches or filter scenarios, you can "Save Filters" for popular requests.  For example, to find low inventory, high priced items, containing the keyword Lego, this Filter was created and Saved


Items that are listed on multiple channels will have Images of the associated Channels, as well as a hyperlink to drill down to the actual listings


Drill Down in to the Product Details being pulled from your Primary Channel here


This is the data being pulled from your Primary Channel and can be used to view information / fields that can be pulled in to your Listings via Sellware Listing Templates.

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