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Sell on Walmart using V3 API Token-based Authentication (OAuth)

To support Walmart's V3 API authentication requirements, we are adding Token-based Authentication (OAuth) to our Walmart Integration.

This can be configured as follows :

1 - Navigate to:

Please Note - this is a different URL from your Seller Center account, so use the URL above.

2 - Enter your Walmart Seller Portal username and password

3 - Select "Delegate Access" from the dropdown menu underneath your store name at the top of the screen.

Walmart v3 oath

4 - Search for "Sellware" from the Solution Provider dropdown box.

5 - Select "Add Provider"

6 - Select "Full Access" for all columns, or "View Only" when "Full Access" does not exist.

7 - Click "API Key" to view the keys and enter them below.

IMPORTANT: Please refresh the credentials page on the Walmart site to ensure that the access rights have been stored by Walmart. There is no "Save" button and Walmart will miss some of the selections if you select these options too quickly. In that event, please re-select the appropriate permissions, and refresh the page until complete.

NOTE: If you previously used "Digital signature-based authentication", do NOT enter your prior Consumer ID and Private Key credentials as they no longer work.

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