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Amazon Listing FAQ


For new sellers on Amazon, getting familiar with Amazon's listing rules and requirements can be an initial challenge.

If you are new to Amazon, or expanding your listings into new categories, we recommend you spend some time in your Seller Central Account to become familiar with any unique rules or restrictions within that Category.

The majority of failed listings that we see in the Sellware error reports are due to invalid or incorrect information on a UPC or GTIN code.  For most categories, amazon requires a valid UPC, and Amazon may also check that the data regarding the UPC in your product listings matches the UPC registration (like Brand or Manufacturer).

More information on UPC / Exemption requirements can be found in your Seller Central Account, or at the following resources:


Product UPCs and GTINs


Overview of category UPC requirements



Find your product ID



How to list products that do not have a GTIN (UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN)

If your listings are failing within Sellware, you may want to try creating them directly in your Seller Account, so you can review more detailed information and errors/suggestions that Amazon can provide in their listing wizards.

Browser Tree Guides

If you need more information on item key types, please refer to the section on Browser Tree Guides


You may also want to look up the ASIN directly, and provide that with your item data within Sellware.  There are a variety of tools that can assist in your ASIN lookup, like


A list of most frequently used macros can be found here

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