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How Do I Marked Orders As Shipped?


As with many things in Sellware, there are two ways to do this, Automated, and Manually.


Manual Process

To manually mark orders as shipped, go to the Approved Orders page and check all of the orders that you wish to mark as shipped.

To mark them as Shipped, click on Perform on Selected, and select Ship Orders.



Automated Setup

Sellware can automatically update orders and set them as Shipped by mapping the Order Statuses in the Order Settings screen by going to Settings->Order

Click on the Order Statuses tab to open the Order Statuses section.

Clicking on the Refresh My Order Statuses button will pull the order status options from your primary channel.  This allows us to map your specific order status options to Sellware statuses.


After you have refreshed the order statuses you need to map your order status options to the Sellware statuses.

You do this by selecting the appropriate order status option from the dropdown next to each Sellware status.

Click the Save Order Settings button when you are done.

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