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Listing on Walmart


Depending on your product mix and product attributes, you may choose to link to existing listings (uploaded to Walmart via their bulk uploader) or originate new listings directly from Sellware.

There are two methods to originate listings within Sellware.  The first is the bulk listing process, where multiple items can be selected and listed as described below.

Step 1 - Select the items that you wish to list, typically based on a common attribute like Product Category.  In this case, we will be selecting toys.


Step 2 - Select the desired listing template.  In this case, we will be using the $5 markup template, to account for shipping.  Make sure you select the checkbox, as well as the proper template.


Step 3- Your listing will begin processing, and the status will be updated over time as Walmart returns the status codes to your Sellware account.  For more realtime updates, you can monitor progress in your Seller Center Account.


Step 4 - Depending on your products, category, or mix, you may need to augment your item data directly in the Walmart portal for any Optional or Recommended attributes.  Currently Sellware will push item descriptions, images, titles, price, qty, and a few global attributes required by Walmart.  (Over time, we may provide additional attributes within the Sellware UI that can pull data from your Primary Channels via Sellware Macros)


Step 6 - Products will be created within Walmart, and pushed to the Walmart Marketplace. A product link to Walmart, and a hyperlink icon, will be provided as Walmart returns the associated status updates in approximately 15-45 minutes.

Note as the data is sent to Walmart, it may go through a variety of states from Unpublished to Published to Staged - and may require additional fields to be adjusted for recommended fields based on your Product  Category.  You may need to adjust this data directly in Walmart, in order to successfully publish your items.



Step 7 - If you are finding a number of Unpublished Items, you may need to download the Catalog report, to identify an errors or warnings with your data.  Often times this is due to pricing being too far above the anticipated range, which will trigger a Walmart issue.



See Walmart's Automatic Pricing Rules Overview for more information on this.


IMPORTANT NOTE on Cancelling an item or deleting a listing

Unlike other marketplaces, cancelling a listing in Sellware (or directly in Walmart) will "retire" the SKU from Walmart, so that it will NOT be able to be re-used to sell on Walmart.  You will need to change the SKU (add a W-SKU123, or W2-SKU123, etc) to re-list.  So be careful before deleting/cancelling a listing!

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