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Order Management Summary


Whenever a customer makes a purchase on any of your Marketplace channels the sale comes into Sellware as an Order.  Here we will explain that process and how to work with the Orders.


Pending Orders

As soon as a sale occurs on any of your Marketplace channels Sellware is notified and we create a Pending Order for it and commit inventory for the order to preventing overselling.  You can view the Pending Orders by going to Orders -> Pending Orders in the top menu.

An order remains a Pending Order until one of a few things happen:

1. Checkout is completed on the Marketplace.  Once this happens we receive customer information and payment information if payment was made at that time and create a Draft Order.
2. The Pending Order is manually removed.  You can click on the Trash icon to manually remove the Pending Order.  Committed inventory is immediately released.
3. The Pending Order expires.  Pending Amazon orders expire after 3 days.  Pending eBay orders expire after 10 days.  Committed inventory is released once the Pending Order expires.



Draft Orders

When the order first comes into Sellware it receives the default status of Draft Order.  You can view the Draft Orders by going to Orders -> Draft Orders in the top menu.

A Draft Order will not be uploaded to your store, it must be Approved first.  A Draft Order can be Approved several ways:

1. Automatic Approval. If Order Automation is enabled then Sellware will automatically Approve Draft Orders according to the Order Settings.
2. Approve in Bulk.  Select the Draft Orders to be Approved.  Click the Perform on Selected button, and select Approve Orders
3. Manual Approval. Click Edit next to the Draft Order to edit the order.  This will bring up the Order Edit screen.  From here you can verify all information, make changes as needed, and then you can click the Save and Approve button to approve the order.

NOTE: You CANNOT approve an order that is missing a product association.

You can read more about Draft Orders here



Editing An Order

While editing an order you can review all of the order details, including Payment and Shipping information, change the Order Status and add notes to the order.  You can also Archive the Order, or even Cancel the Order completely.

To edit an order, simply click the Edit icon to the left of the order you wish to edit and the Order Edit screen will come up.

Review our Editing an Order article for more details.



Combining An Order

If a customer purchases multiple items you may wish to combine them into a single order.  To do so, select the orders that should be combined, then click the Perform on Selected button, and select Combine.

This will add the products to a single order, and combine the shipping costs.  You may need to then edit the order to apply any combined shipping discounts manually, and the order may only show a partial payment.  Once the order has been edited to show the revised shipping and it matches the amount paid, the order will show as Paid-In-Full.

Review our Combining Orders article for more details


Order Icon Meanings



Adding Payment To An Order

Payment information is automatically collected from your Marketplace Channels; however, if you accept Cash, Money Orders, or other non digital forms of payment (not recommended), or if someone pays you from a different PayPal account then you may need to enter the payment manually.

Start by clicking the Edit icon next to the Draft Order that you wish to add the payment to and scroll to the bottom of the order and click the payments tab.

Simply input the information and click one of the Save buttons at the top of the Edit screen.  The amount due will be recalculated upon save and the order should display the correct payment icon in the list.




Adding A Shipment To An Order

Adding a shipment to an order does several things.  First, it changes the Order Status to Shipped, which adds the shipped icon  to the order in the list views.  It also adds the shipping information to the order.  The information and status are synced to the Marketplace Channel the order originated from to ensure that the orders are kept up to date and within the Marketplace Channel's standards.

You can add a shipment to an Approved order by clicking the Review link next to the order to bring up the Edit screen.  Click the Add Shipment  button at the top of the screen to bring up the Add Shipment popup. Enter the shipping details into the popup, and click the Save button to add the shipment to the order.

Alternately, you can add shipments in bulk by selecting the orders you wish to add shipments to, clicking the Perform on Selected button, and selecting Ship Orders.  Enter the shipping information into the next screen and click Save Shipment Details.

Review our article on Adding Shipments for more details.




Archiving An Order

Whether you are a power seller who has hundreds of orders a day, or a small seller who likes a tidy system, you may find the need to Archive orders.

Archiving an order does more than just remove it from the order screens.  When you Archive an order it will release all inventory that is committed for that order, UNLESS the order has been marked shipped.

What does that mean in simple terms?
1. Orders that are marked as shipped are safe to Archive without having to worry about inventory
2. You should not Archive orders that are not marked as shipped unless you do not plan to fulfill the order (Consider Cancelling the order instead)
NOTE: Archiving an Order will release committed inventory unless the order has been marked as shipped.  Be careful archiving orders that are not marked as shipped.

Archiving an order is pretty easy.  You can click Edit on a Draft Order, or Review on an Approved Order to bring up the order edit screen.  Then simply click the Archive Order button.

Alternately, you can Archive orders in bulk by selecting the orders you wish to Archive, clicking the Perform on Selected button, and selecting Archive.

Review our article on Archiving Orders for more details.



Cancelling An Order

To Cancel an order simply click Edit link on a Draft Order, or Review link on an Approved Order to bring up the order edit screen.  Then click the Cancel Order button in the upper right.

Once an order is cancelled, if it was not marked as shipped, all committed inventory will be released and made available to sell again.  If the order was shipped and the customer returned the inventory you will need to manually adjust the inventory numbers

Review our article on Cancelling Orders for more details.

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