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H1 - Sellware connects LogoIpsum

H2 - Do great things with Logoipsum and Sellware

H2 - Multi Channel Selling with Shopify Plus and Shopify

Shopify provides hosted eCommerce solutions to merchants interested in selling online quickly, and without the traditional technical requirements to build, manage, and host an eCommerce store.

Features We Support

  • Manage ALL of your marketplace products and orders directly from your Admin Screen
  • Post/List products directly to eBay and Amazon
  • Update inventory and pricing on marketplaces
  • Update marketplaces with real-time shipping/tracking information
  • Native support for product variations
  • Real-time Inventory and Channel Synchronization
  • Direct Listings to eBay with options for customizable templates
  • Send Meta Tags, Product Types, SEO Title, SEO Description, and custom attributes where supported

Shopify Oneclick Connector

“We chose Shopify for our eCommerce platform because we didn’t have an in-house technical team.

Sellware was the perfect partner for us, extending our reach in to new channels like eBay, allowing us to generate more sales without adding more overhead! ”

Shopify Plus was created to simplify the process for non-technical merchants to sell online. We work seamlessly with Shopify, to sell on a variety of new channels, without the hassle and headache of manually configuring and managing each channel independently.

Core Features Include...

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